Ep. 007 — Nazia Chowdhury on Med School, Cultivating Leadership, Mindfulness and Antibiotics Resistance


Nazia Chowdhury was one of the first medalists (obtaining a bronze medal in 2009) at the International Mathematical Olympiad as part of the Bangladesh Team. After her success in the abstract world of math, she went to MIT to pursue an undergraduate degree and ended up majoring in Biology with a minor in Mathematics. Certainly, a rare combination!

After her days at MIT came to an end, she decided to switch up the location and travel to Singapore to study at the Duke-NUS Medical School. She is currently in her 3rd year, one year before residency!

In this wide-ranging conversation we discuss the challenges of medical school and how to overcome them,  overcoming fear, cultivating leadership, time management, health, antibiotics resistant, BOOKS (and finding time to read them) and so much more. I really, really enjoyed the conversation and took away a lot and I hope you do too.