Ep. 012 — Humaira Khan on You're The Most Important Person in Your Life


Humaira Khan is a fashion design and founder of the famous Bangladeshi boutique - Anokhi. She is also a General Member of the Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh. In 2016, her work was featured on Vogue magazine as she collaborated with designers from other SAARC countries on the “Travelling Jacket” project. Read more about the jacket over at Vogue.in

In this episode we talk about:

  • how to thrive when your life circumstances change

  • how to become a better designer

  • finding the market for your product

  • how to look fashionable (but why Humaira Khan would suggest you don’t)

  • loving yourself

  • why you need to get out of toxic relationships

  • tools to help build successful relationships

  • morning routines Humaira Khan uses to win her days

  • and much more

This was a fascinating, wide-ranging conversations and I hope it helps you to do more and be more in your own life.